Monday, February 13, 2012


I think of want to delete this shit (blog) because it’s been too long I abandon it. You can see it by yourself. The problem is, I couldn’t afford to sign in into this blog because I forgot the e-mail and the password too! WTF? After spending more than 1 hour typing password and all the word verification stuff, I still can’t get the password right. My final solution is to sleep. LOL. Remarkably, after the nap, I start typing in the password again; here I am, back into this mind screwing things. Guess what, I change my plan, not to delete this blog because I have the password. In short, I want to delete this blog but I can’t because I don’t have the password, but after I know the password, I don’t want to delete this because I knew the password. Nice right? Screw you.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Realizing a good thing is really hard to do and bad thing was so easy to accomplish can make us sometime very stressful. Let’s consider a much simple example here. Is it possible for you to become a clever person in 5 minutes? How about become a stupid in only 5 minutes? So, which one of it you think is the easiest to do? Still didn’t sure of it? Consider the clever aspect first. What you can do in order to make unknown people assume you are clever instantly? Is it memorizing 5 peoples phone number in one shot can impress them? Well, I’m not sure of it. Instead they want to challenge you to do memorizing another more number. Good try, you are failed to label yourself as a clever-genius kind of thing. Think of another example, there’s nothing in my mind, perhaps you can suggest. Back to the stupidity thing, will you able to make yourself stupid in 5 minutes? I said yes! Even the people around you will give you award of stupidity too. Try this, whenever you saw a bird shit or any kind of animal shit on the street, step on it, and don’t miss any of it. Guess what people that saw you do that stunt will comment on that stupidity, maybe ton of curse. Try another, wear your slipper by switching the sides. While you walk, make a loud friction from between your slipper and the floor so that people realize your experiment. Want to know the result? It’s up to you!
Think again, it’s so easy to stay at the bad side compared to the bright side right? Why is it always like that? Why can’t this world invert this situation? Isn’t it wonderful if we can make money for about 1 hour, and only able to finish it after 1 year? Isn’t it fantastic if woman can clean clothes in 1 minutes and it takes 1 week for the kids to make it dirty? Isn’t it marvelous if I can write blog for 1 week and it takes 1 month for the readers to finish reading it? That was the world that favors everybody. But face it! We never were going to make it. The reality is, thousands of words needed to start a relationship but only 3 words to diminish the bond. 1 year needed to build a house, only 1 hour needed to demolish it. It takes 1 hour for the blogger to write a post, but only 1 minute for the reader to read it all. Isn’t it ridiculous! Do you feel like you want to say wtf now? I think it worth it. So be real! Relax and enjoy the world. As long as we are still young and strong, experience everything. As long as we are still handsome and pretty, take a lot of pictures. I afraid you didn’t want to take your own picture when you are already old and staying at the hospital with the nurse change the diapers every day. Whose diapers is it? Think about it. Another thing to think, did I just screw your mind? Somewhere only you know.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hi, I’m a new blogger. Let’s start with something simple, do you ever screw up your life? Well that’s something simple, like u never been there before but u just simply don’t know what happen then. Did u get that? So much questions huh. Don’t say whatever, because it’s a word of agreement. Even it comprises about 1% to the negative side, a decision was made. 
We heard thousand times before, our language teacher said “if you want to write an essay, make it simple and the motive is clear so that people reading your writings will easily understand your point and can respond the way you want.” I bet you ever heard that before, although the sentence was not the same, the point might just the same. How if you want to write something without trying to make people understand your words arrangement. Of course not because of the grammar error, the thing is, it’s pure from you. I bet the blogger out there always want the reader to understand what are the info they propose. Is it making the author happy just because he clearly arranges the points and makes the reader understand? How if the author simply writes the things he/she wanted without trying to make the reader understand? This mean there’s no hypocrite, no genius, just the author self. So, whatever! I got you screwed up.